Digital Rights & Security in Latin America

How are governments in Latin America applying technology to their securities policies and what threats these pose to human rights?



Violations of human rights online can pose a real threat to our societies, from digital surveillance to election security and societal polarisation. This webinar brings together experts from Latin America to discuss the current state of the region’s politics and law regarding technology and digital rights. We will explore how governments in the region are applying technology to their security policies (ie in the context of the war on drugs, counter-extremism and counter-insurgence) and the threats these pose to human rights. Furthermore, we will question what civil society organisations are doing to address digital rights issues, what we can learn from the region and how the international community can help it.


Opening Remarks: Sarah St. Vincent, Rights & Security International

Keynote the H. Justice Luis Roberto Barroso, Supreme Court Brazil

Moderation: Fernanda Farina, Rights & Security International

4:45pm: Roundtable

Carolina Botero, Fundacion Karisma

Caio Machado, Instituto Vero

Veridiana Alimonti, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Dr. Carlos Solar, University of Essex

The event is finished.


Oct 22 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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