Digitalisation Trends in Asset Management

In the past decade no innovation had such an impact on the banking and wealth management industry as the digital disruption by FinTechs.

Robo advisory in particular digitalized and optimized the process of finding tailor-made wealth management solutions for every client’s needs. The German market is growing fast and the news are full of consolidations and acquisitions.

But how does a robo advisor work?

What are their business models?

What are the thoughts of four leaders in the market?

And what impact has the growing globalization of the market on German robo advisors?

Our Speaker

Oliver Dreiskämper, Product Owner/ FEW, Fidelity International: Digitalization of asset management – An introduction to robo advisory

Iven Kurz, CEO, Evergreen GmbH, Gaining Trust in a Mistrusted Industry

Dr. Olaf Zeitnitz, CEO, VisualVest GmbH: VestHUB platform: From B2C to B2B white-label and robo technology in the bank branch

Martin Daut, CEO, Quirion AG: The social impact of Robo Advisory

Daniel Monteiro, Freelance Business Analyst, will all speakers: Globalization of the robo advisory market – Boon or bane for German players?


The event is finished.


Jun 07 2021


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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