Disruptive Energy Futures with Renowned Physicist Amory Lovins: Can we prosper while mitigating the climate crisis?

Please join us for an Eye Opening Presentation by renowned Physicist Amory Lovins who will discuss how unexpected developments in advanced energy efficiency and renewables will accelerate the transformation of today’s energy supply industries. A new energy future is rapidly emerging, often at the grassroots level, offering exciting opportunities for stronger communities and a richer, cooler, fairer, safer world.




Can we prosper while mitigating the climate crisis?
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An energy revolution is underway – Radical transformations in building design, mobility, industrial processes, and electricity generation are poised to bring about stunning opportunities to build a durable economy with well-paying jobs and equity for all — meanwhile dramatically reducing GHG emissions which are harming our health and climate. We have the technology and resources. Can we summon the political will to act?

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Aug 12 2021


8:30 pm - 10:30 pm
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