Disruptors & Enablers in Technology

The explosive growth in technology has captured the attention of many, but is this growth sustainable? Market experts explore this question.




Technology companies have been rapidly growing over the past 20 years, leapfrogging financial and consumer stocks in terms of market dominance and performance. With frontier technology and constant innovation, the growth opportunities in the tech space seem limitless. With such high valuations, is this growth sustainable?

Join our speakers as they tackle the important questions when it comes to investing in technology, such as:

Why invest in technology? How has the tech allocation in major indices evolved over the years?

Is the explosive growth in technology going to continue?

Tech investing beyond the US — what other geographies/sectors are creating waves in this space?

How should investors approach the recent China tech correction, and what are the policy risks?


Ben Bei, Director and Product Strategist, BlackRock
Radhika Surie, Investment Director, Fidelity
Paul Zhuang, CFA, Vice President, Financial Institutions, Franklin Templeton
Samuel Rhee, Chief Investment Officer, Endowus
Kyungju Hong, Investment Analyst, Endowus

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Nov 24 2021


6:00 am - 7:00 am

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