DNA Testing and Technologies in Health

Come and join us at this online event for presumed healthy individuals and learn what proactive benefits DNA testing can offer.




DNA testing for health risks / pharmacogenetic testing

DNA tests are revolutionizing our medical world and now the benefits of this approach can be extended to presumed healthy people wanting to screen themselves for potential health risks either to themselves, or their future children. But the public remains largely uninformed about this breakthrough technology. In this talk, geared towards individuals who want to be proactive about their health, we will discuss:

What is a full genome DNA sequencing?

What are the risks and benefits of DNA testing for healthy individuals?

What is most commonly discovered with genetic testing?

How legally protected is our genetic information?

What is pharmacogenetic testing for a medication’s use?

Who this talk is for:

Persons who are proactive about their health

Persons interested in preventative approach to medicine

Physicians interested in DNA testing availability at their clinics

Influencers with outreach interested in partnering for events promotion to persons proactive about their health

Presented by Dr. Mikolaj Raszek

This event is an online seminar for education only. Clients will obtain the Livestream event link via email upon registration (Eventbrite email sent 2 days prior, as well as 2 hrs and 10 mins before event start). There are no refunds for this event unless the event is cancelled.

For event participants interested in purchasing any cancer DNA tests, ordering takes place only outside this event. Any Edmonton residents will have the opportunity to obtain access to DNA tests offered through Merogenomics with the oversight of a local physician. Non-residents would require booking individual consult to discuss their options.

This educational seminar is a part of series of talks dedicated to medical DNA testing. Please check following for further details:


The event is finished.


Feb 03 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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