Driving Diversity, Inclusion and Change with Technology and Marketing

In this episode of TechTalks, our experts will help you champion diversity and inclusion through recruitment and marketing technologies.




Join us on Thursday 25th November at 1pm for an interactive roundtable with our industry panel on driving diversity, inclusion and change with technology and marketing.

Did you know that the 2019 Google and The Female Quotient consumer survey revealed that 64% of all respondents took some action after seeing an ad they considered diverse and inclusive?

Data clearly shows that diversity and inclusion shouldn’t just be a checkbox. Not only should it be considered at the root of recruitment and business culture, but it should also be naturally integrated into how you present your company, services, and products in all parts of your marketing and sales strategy.

Technology advancements drive this change even further. Social media is one example where customers take back control, as they’re given a platform to advocate for issues they believe in. AI technologies and personalised marketing and recruitment tools are another, as they give marketers the ability to diversify their campaigns, and culture even further.

Despite this, however, the tech industry is still one of the least diverse industries in the world. So how can tech and fintech businesses make the change for the better?

In this Copy House TechTalks, Kathryn Strachan will join an expert panel of change-makers, marketers, and D&I technology providers, Kay Scorah, Rob Hopkin and Louise Power, to discuss ways your business can drive change by shaping your culture and marketing in a way that promotes diversity and inclusion.
The key takeaways from this talk will include:

Discovering tools and methods that not only help with diversifying your recruitment but also push diversity in your marketing and sales strategies by improving user experience

The best practices in building a positive workplace culture to help you retain top talent by using the available technology to your advantage

Evolving your marketing strategy and content in a way that showcases your business values and promotes diversity and inclusion to help you build relationships with your audience

Exploring how you can personalise your content to each unique individual through personalised marketing experiences that actually work

Ways of successfully diversifying your customer avatar and buyer personas when branching out in international markets

No marketing or recruitment managers will want to miss this event.
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Nov 25 2021


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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