Drug Discovery with Quantum Computers Workshop

Drug Discovery with Quantum Computing




The primary goals of this workshop:

Learn about the future of drug development with quantum computing

Potential of quantum computing for drug discovery

Discover Potential of Novel Theoretical models and the next Computational paradigms based on Quantum Computing

Learn how to apply quantum computational algorithms and bioinformatics to discover and analyze new targets

Cloud access to the most advanced quantum computers

Learn how to recast your computational intensive problems such as protein folding, genome sequencing, creating protein models, optimizing radiotherapy treatments and more on quantum computers.

Implementation of Advanced and Promising Quantum Algorithms

Get remote tech support

Workshop audience:

Therapeutics companies and Faculties, Pharmaceutical scientists and Computational chemists

The workshop includes:

1.5-hour Live Online Hands-on Workshop (flexible scheduling) + 1 Month Technical support and 1 Month Asynchronous Training

In this practical and hands-on workshop, we shed light on the most recent developments of promising quantum algorithms. We analyze their structures and provide robust protocols on recasting valuable problems such as protein folding on the current quantum computers.

QuantGates helps therapeutics companies and faculties, pharmaceutical scientists and computational chemists realize new business values through the application of quantum computing technologies, and deliver crystal clear roadmaps to assist them become quantum ready.

Get ready for the Quantum revolution!


86-90 Paul Street

London, EC2A 4NE


The event is finished.


Jul 24 2021


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

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