dxTechTalk – QA Automation and Operations in FinTech

Join us for a discussion of QAOps practices and autotest parallelization. You will learn why these are necessary and how we do it in fintech




The double feature courtesy of our QA Automation team will be useful to agile testers, automation engineers, and those who are just planning to adopt the shift-left ideology. Register to get your invitation to the Zoom webinar.


Parallel execution of desktop tests

> Kirill Kozlov, Software EngineerTo speed up the testing process, you can execute your tests in parallel. This approach comes with a number of factors to consider: the type of business industry, resource constraints, and the technologies used.

I will be discussing how we’ve paralleled GUI autotests in our fintech company and did so using a single machine. The presentation might be useful both for those who have already faced the task of parallelization and automation beginners.

QAOps practices

> Dmitry Gorbunov, QA Automation Team Lead

To release hot features faster than competitors, one has to optimize processes – not only development but also testing. As the development domain is covered by DevOps, testing has its practice called QAOps.

We will be discussing what QAOps is, why you need it, and how it can be applied in the real world. As a bonus, I will be introducing our open-source multi-tool for the daily tasks of a QAOps engineer.


About the community:

dxTechTalk is a Devexperts community that organizes various meetups where we discuss new tools and methodologies, talk about our technology stack, and share our know-how with the audience.

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Oct 05 2021


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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