Edge Computing, IoT, and the Future of the Edge

In the past decades we have gone through centralized processing, distributed processing, client-server technology, internet objects, and cloud computing.




Cloud computing is currently the paradigm of centralized processing. Web servers provide the majority of Internet content. Cloud computing centralizes shared private servers.

Cloud computing allows enterprise and government to obtain computing sources as service, from a service provider, instead of supporting a local data center.

The major players in providing cloud services include , DigitalOcean, Azure, Google Cloud, VMWare. There is an evolution is computing towards Edge Computing.

Intertwined with Edge Computing is the Internet of Things.

According to Computer, the IEEE Computer Society Journal:

“Edge computing is a new computing paradigm in which substantial compute and storage resources are placed at the edge of the Internet, in close proximity to mobile devices, sensors, end users, and Internet of Things devices. This physical proximity improves latency, bandwidth, trust, and survivability.”

Published October 2017, https://tinyurl.com/quycjr3

View the IBM YouTube Video on the Watson IoT Platform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hmbutoyOIc

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