Employee Journey Mapping Masterclass: Open House

We will share with you the details of our Employee Journey Mapping Online Masterclass.




Mapping Employee Journeys is the cornerstone of Employee Experience Design. It is where data is synthesised into insights, helping you and the design team to make informed decisions about what to improve or how to design processes to turn them into delightful experiences.

In Fall-Winter we will host another Employee Journey Mapping Online Masterclass. In this Open House event we will present to you what this training is all about and how it is going to happen and why you should join it.

In the Open House we will talk about the following

Who should join the Employee Journey Maps Masterclass and why they are such a powerful method!

How this masterclass is going to work: our values and learning design

What you will learn in 5 chapters

When will this masterclass be: Dates, dates and more dates

What you will get and how much you have to pay for it

If you are curious about what the masterclass will be about, how it will happen exactly, what you can do with these new skills or have any other question please join our Open House event to learn more.

Now we will give you a little overview over the Employee Journey Mapping Masterclass, so you can have an idea about what this Open House is all about. If you have question, please email us.

5 Chapters to Master Employee Journey Maps

Conducting Employee Research

Making Sense of Data

Crafting Employee Journey Maps

Now what? or Ways Forward!

Mapping with your Team: Facilitation

The event is finished.


Aug 19 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm