Empowering HR with Conversational AI

The pandemic is not going away soon enough. When is a good time to gather stakeholder insights to transform HR processes ? If not now?




In this 60-minute fast-paced webinar, you will confront your practices and assumptions concerning traditional strategies and tools employed in HR functions.

What better way to engage employees and stakeholders than via smart conversations backed by AI-powered organisational knowledge “brains” to meet each individual’s needs without stress!

Show us your FAQ and we will show you how to customise your smart conversational Workbot in minutes.

If you need something more complex, we can help too.

Speaker: BRYAN TAY, Edtech Specialist

Bryan is passionate about providing innovative levers for effective learning, having accumulated multi-disciplinary experience in the international maritime logistics, cruise tourism and adult education industries. Having assumed senior management positions and leadership roles, his experience in working with Western and Asian cultures has enabled him to deeply appreciate the learning needs and challenges of organizations and individuals in the technology-disrupted work environment.

He was also the founder of Dioworks Learning, an award-winning EdTech company that integrates innovative learning design with technology tools to make learning easy, effective and engaging.

Bryan was the key presenter and architect in winning the InnovPLUS FLAME Award for 3 consecutive years (2017-2019), attesting to his ability in conceptualizing and articulating innovative ideas for development and implementation to overcome industry challenges.

Bryan also serves as an adjunct Specialist Adult Educator and a Certified Workplace Learning Facilitator with the Institute for Adult Learning in facilitating technology-enabled learning.

The event is finished.


Jun 22 2021


3:00 am - 4:00 am

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