End State: rethinking society in the digital age

Now is the time to rethink our future and how we get there.

Can we harness digital technology to tackle poverty and increase social mobility? Could reforming work help reverse the mental health crisis? And what could happen if we empower communities to imagine and shape their futures?




We are facing big questions about the kind of society and economy we need and want. Technological and demographic change, economic and climate crisis are intensifying insecurity and inequality. The need to seed cohesion, change and regeneration has never been more urgent. So how do we move forward?

By taking a frank and honest look at the nature and scale of the problems we’re currently facing, we can begin to explore the scope of the change needed, and imagine how we might reform state and society to create a fairer, more sustainable future.

There are huge challenges ahead, but if we respond with radical thinking, concerted action and serious ambition, we can create a future that is better than the present. Policy thinker James Plunkett and social innovator Sophia Parker share their ideas for how to get started.


Speakers: James Plunkett; Author of End State and digital technology leader, Sophia Parker; Director of Emerging Futures, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Further Reading

End State: 9 Ways Society is Broken – and how we can fix it by James Plunkett

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Oct 07 2021


8:00 am - 8:45 am

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