Engineering for Long Term Solutions: The Challenge of our Times

Rapid change results in previously unseen complex challenges that require a shift in the way we “engineer” solutions.



A Joint Conversation Event by The Maintainers and Long Now Boston

The accelerating pace of innovation and change has led to complex social, technological, and even existential challenges that were unimaginable a century ago. Addressing these wicked problems requires a shift in the way we approach ‚Äúengineering‚ÄĚ, the structured processes by which we solve problems.

The Maintainers, a global network interested in the concepts of maintenance, repair, and care to sustain our human-built world, and Long Now Boston, which fosters long-term thinking, have come together to bring you a groundbreaking conversation with a wide-ranging panel of experts to explore the future of engineering and its role in an increasingly complex world.

The conversation will be led by Tona Rodriguez-Nikl, Maintainers Movement Fellow 2022, and will feature a panel of esteemed academics and practitioners involved in cutting-edge research and dialogue on the applicability of engineering concepts and principles to modern problems. Panelists include:

Bill Bulleit – Structural Engineer and Philosopher

Donna Riley – Educator, Author, and Advocate

Kai Whiting – Researcher of Stoicism and sustainability and Author

Guru Madhavan – Biomedical Systems Engineer, Maintainers Advisory Committee Member

Together they will explore the ethical and philosophical ideas that guide the methods and conceptual processes for engineering (or re-engineering) our world. The goal is to maximize individual and collective human thriving, in a context that enables reduced resource consumption and the avoidance of scarcity-driven conflicts.

Among the questions this panel will address are:

What are the drivers of human thriving and how do we bring them to the center of the engineering process?

How do we define and measure the outcomes we are seeking to achieve in the far future?

As we extend our time horizon to embrace the interests of multiple generations or global health more broadly, how do we deal with unknowns, uncertainties, and the unpredictable?

What are the key reforms in the practice and education of engineering that need to be made?

Join the conversation with other Maintainers and Long-Term Thinkers, and be a part of the solution.

This event is FREE thanks to a generous sponsor donor. Login begins at 7:15 p.m.; the conversation begins at 7:30 p.m. The conversation will be held virtually using the Zoom platform. Login information and password will be provided to registrants prior to the event.

Long Now Boston and The Maintainers have come together to proudly present a conversation melding our two key concepts: long-term thinking and maintenance. This event is led by Maintainers Movement Fellow Tona Rodriguez-Nikl, and is hosted within the Long Now Boston conversation series. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how these concepts informed the conversation!

The event is finished.


Jun 06 2022


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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