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A discussion on the stereotypes associated with engineers, and how narratives are being built to move away from them.



Engineers. The word often sparks an image of blokes building bridges while donning the their famous hi-res jacket, but Inventive – a new podcast for June 2021 – takes on a new angle.

Based on interviews with real-life engineers, fiction writers have developed compelling narratives that explore how we move away from the popular stereotypes of the trade. This creative weave of fact and fiction is presented by Prof Trevor Cox who will examine how the writers produced these stories while illustrating how engineering is central to humanity.

In this session Prof Cox will be joined by Ruth Amos from Kids Invent Stuff who engineered a stair lift to help people with physical disabilities, and author and creative writing teacher Jacqueline Yallop who wrote the story, Swish, inspired by one of Ruth’s inventions.

This 40 minute presentation includes an opportunity for the audience to put questions to the speakers in a live text Q&A.

Supported by EPSRC.

Presented by Inventive Podcast

The event is finished.


Jul 05 2021


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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