Entangling Academia & Industry: Quantum Technology

Entangling Academic and Industry This event will be about career and educational advice




Looking for the right job positions is always challenging.

You may have questions including but not limited to

1)what to study in quantum technology,

2)which books to read or courses to take,

3)how to get jobs in this industry,

4)who to connect professionally,

4) what continuing education opportunities to enhance your career,

5)how to thrive in this emerging industry,

6)how to run your own start-up business and more

It is our pleasure to invite our panelists:

Chris Bishop (Improvising Careers)

Dr. Ahmed Younes, Mariam Medhat, Menna El-Masry (Alexandria Quantum Computing Group),

Zoltan Zimbora (Wigner Research Center)

Pawel Gora (Quantum AI Foundation),

Dr. Rafael Sotelo (Quantum South),

Anahita Zardoshti (Quantum London),

John Barnes (Entangled Positions),

Michelle Lampa (M Squared)

Paul Dowling(MindStream AI).

The panelists will introduce themselves, their organizations, their contribution to grow the quantum communities or their long-term career goals . They will provide career advice, their insights and future visions in academia and industry.

We welcome all of you to embrace your quantum future.

The event is finished.


Nov 13 2021


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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