Everything You Need to Know: Owning a Virtual Land in the Metaverse

Learn how YOU can be a part of the metaverse by owning your own piece of virtual real estate in the metaverse!




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‚ÄčWhat is it about?

Join us in this panel discussion: Everything You Need to Know: Owning a Virtual Land in the Metaverse taking place on Thursday, 6th January 2021 to hear expert insights on how big corporations and small companies alike are already investing in the metaverse to secure a space in the virtual space.

‚ÄčImagine a universe where you can work, shop, and play anytime, anywhere. You could have meetings at MicrosoftLand, shop at NikeLand after work, and then end the day with fun-filled laughter at NintendoLand, all from the comfort of your own home.

‚ÄčDuring this 1-hour event, find out the opportunities of purchasing a virtual land and why it is the next emerging market. Get insights from Rebecca Wan of Xprenia, Soh Wan Wei of Multiverse Labs and Belinda Lim of Avarta on how you can get prepared for the next stage of technological innovation.

‚ÄčWhat will be covered?

1. An introduction to the Metaverse

2. Case Study: Companies invested in the Metaverse

3. What are the opportunities available out there for those who invested in the Metaverse

‚ÄčWho should attend?

– Anyone interested in learning about the metaverse

– Investors considering investing in the metaverse

– Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts looking to capitalise on virtual lands

The event is finished.


Jan 06 2022


7:00 am - 8:00 am

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