Explore an Ocean of Possibilities: Smart Oceans and Sustainable AI

Explore an Ocean of Possibilities: Smart Oceans and Sustainable AI experts on board!




AI on a Social Mission is back! Our annual conference addresses critical issues in artificial intelligence (AI) and its social impact, highlights applications of AI in support of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and focuses on strategic solutions that are key to an inclusive economic recovery. Check out the Program Summary here, a program designed by one of the world’s top 50 influencers in AI (according to an algorithm!) and selected as one of top 100 Women in AI ethics (juried process), named one of Quebec’s top 100 impact entrepreneurs (jury), a United Nations Experts in AI Policy and Governance and a member of the Advisory Council in AI of Canada, Ms Valentine Goddard. Our speakers include renowned researchers, as well as emerging researchers, AI start-ups, civil society representatives and artists, making this a unique and engaging event on AI for SDGs and human rights.


NOT ONLY DO YOU GET ACCESS TO ONE OF THE BEST CONFERENCES ON AI, at the forefront of the most emerging trends in regulatory and policy innovation, a more intimate, interactive level of participation during the discussions with our panelists, but also, your generous support allows us to organize free workshops on AI ethics, digital literacy and equitable digital societies. By buying a ticket, you receive also follow-up content such as presented publications, accepted projects, analysis of discussions, summary of successful proposals, invitations to Call for Proposals and workshops. AND, it also means you are contributing to:

1) The AI & ART AWARD: We received inspiring proposals and art projects and will share the results with you. They present solutions for sustainable and equitable digital future for all, at all stages of the socio-technical pipeline. We received proposals that incorporate an interdisciplinary conception of artificial intelligence into their process, as well as art projects that explore the ethical implications of AI or engage with algorithmic literacy. By buying a ticket, you contribute to the AI & Art Fund that supports digital litteracy, human rights and reconciliation in digital societies.

2) A RECONCILIATION PRIZE will be awarded to a selected project and commented by Monique Manatch, founder and executive director of ICMI. By buying a ticket for as low as 27.50, you are part of the Change Makers!


This year, the following axes will be explored in greater depth:

  • The transformative value of gender equality in AI and its beneficial impact for economic recovery
  • Natural resource management in the age of Big Data (legal frameworks for partnerships, sharing, international agreements, local applications, data valuation, etc)
  • Smart oceans and sustainable resource development: meet the founder of Whale Seeker!
  • Emerging scientific methods to eliminate bias in machine learning
  • Start-ups and Algorithmic Art projects AI to Counter bias…in AI: meet the founder of Armilla AI and makers of PearAI.Art!

SOME OF OUR SPEAKERS: In addition to professor Yoshua Bengio, you will find Leigh Felton, Chief of Staff Microsoft Public Sector Worldwide, Stan Matwin (Dalhousie University), Ebrahim Bagheri (X- Ryerson University), Chastity Davis, Daniela Chimisso dos Santos, Emily Charry-Tessier (Whale Seeker), Caroline Sinders (Feminist AI), Raïsa Mirza (One Drop Foundation), Jessica Leblanc (TIESS), Amrita Nanda (AAPTI, India), Camila Fernandez (CEODEOS, Chile), Monique Manatch (Indigenous Culture and Media Innovation), Sarah Sparks (Alo Solutions), and some selected papers and AI Art Projects to be announced soon.

The event is finished.


Nov 18 - 19 2021


10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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