EXPLORING ALOUD: The future of work is people, not bosses and employees.

A workshop with Jose Leal, Co-Founder @ Radical Purpose. Does the future of work mean challenging the fundamentals of employment?




Part of Next Stage Radicals “Exploring Aloud” series.

Jose Leal started his first business at age 16. In his 20s, he co-founded Canada’s first automotive media portal. After ten years with the media company that acquired it, he quit as VP. Corporate life had taught him how not to collaborate.

For nearly six years, Jose has focused on understanding human nature and collaboration, leading him to conclude that the fundamental challenge is to see our way out of ‘the Force paradigm’ and back to ourselves and each other.

What does that mean?

Not just ‘no more bosses’ but ‘no more employees’ either. Genuine human-to-human connection, mutuality and interdependence, fuelled by each person’s sense of their unique ‘radical purpose’.

This webinar will be a golden opportunity to “Explore Aloud” with Jose, deep-diving the Force paradigm , what it could mean to create collaborations based in authentic human connection and how we might do it in practice.

Hosted By Next Stage Radicals

Sponsored By Easier Inc.

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Jul 09 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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