Fair Use

Join WLA for this one-hour workshop led by well-known intellectual property attorneys Jeff Nelson and Lauren Schulz from DWT.

Fair Use is a complex topic. It is normal to be confused and have a lot of questions. You are not alone!




Is it Fair Use?

A few of the questions they will discuss during the workshop are listed below:

What do artists need to know about copyrights and why is it important?

Why should I protect my work from copyright infringement and how?

Am I infringing, are you infringing, who is actually infringing?

Isn’t fair use the answer? When am I able to use other copyrighted works without permission?

What do the courts say?  Learning about fair use from Leibovitz, the Beastie Boys, Warhol, and more

Event Info
When: September 16, 2021 at 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Where: Zoom. The link will be provided before the event.
Cost: Free.

About the presenters:

Jeff Nelson, a Partner at DWT, has gained broad experience in trademark, copyright, music, and entertainment matters in his more than 15 years of practice. Industry leaders seek out his counsel on complex, high-leverage IP issues. Jeff negotiates licenses and other commercial contracts relating to IP and technology. He clears rights in music for commercial and promotional uses and for use in political campaigns. He also regularly advises musicians and artists to help protect, enforce, license, and defend the copyright in their creative works.

Lauren Schulz, an Associate at DWT, advises her clients on the importance of intellectual property rights, specifically in the areas of brand protection, commercial transactions and entertainment law. Lauren helps her clients strategize and develop best practices for trademark and copyright development, clearance and protection, licensing, maintenance, and enforcement. Her goal is to have open and honest communication with her clients while providing them with efficient and creative solutions.

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Sep 16 2021


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm