Farmer-Driven Innovation: Canada’s AgTech Future

Engage with leaders from Canada’s agricultural technology ecosystem who are working to build Canada’s AgTech Future



On October 13th, 3 pm- 4 pm EDT, ICTC invites you to join Maya Watson, Research & Policy Analyst at ICTC, and her esteemed subject matter experts for a virtual discussion on the state of Canada’s agricultural technology ecosystem and the sector’s current challenges and future opportunities.

Canada is a force for innovation when it comes to agricultural technologies, be it cucumber-picking robots to variable-rate mating disruption. In 2019, three of Canada’s agri-food tech startups made AgFunder’s top 20 list and the country had the 7th highest total dollar value for new investment deals. To keep Canada’s agtech sector competitive and sustainable, agricultural technology innovation must prioritize farmer input. But often farmers are not involved in the planning and research stages of agtech development. Initiatives such as Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s “Living Labs” help bridge the gap between research and implementation by testing emerging technologies “in the context and scale in which they will be adopted: on local farms under real agricultural production conditions.” Private-sector consultations with farmers and partnerships with local companies further support Canada’s unique agtech ecosystem.

Join us to explore important questions, engage with experts, and learn how farmers across Canada are impacting innovation and leveraging technology and data to enhance the fruits of their labour.

This virtual panel will provide:

  • An overview of Canada’s increasingly tech-driven agricultural ecosystem and its impacts on primary producers.
  • An understanding of how industry can leverage farmer insights and Canadian partnerships to increase adoption.
  • Examples of farmer-lead innovation that leverage “fourth-wave” technologies.

*A question and answer session will follow the presentations allowing participants to interact with the panelists.

The event is finished.


Oct 13 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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