Fashion Tech Summit 2021 – NFT and Sustainability

Fashion Tech Summit – NFT and Sustainability, new type of an educational event about sustainability in digital fashion.

Fashion Tech Summit was successfully held in Kyiv, Ukraine and Paris, France in 2018 and 2019, each year with about 2000 participants in attendance. Speakers from global companies such as Google, Snap, Pinterest, Istituto Marangoni, University of Arts London, Stanford University, Net-a-Porter, Business of Fashion and many others gave their lectures during the event in the past. Its main mission was to merge fashion and tech industries.

In 2021, FTS team continues to educate its audience about new and important topics in the industry. This edition will be dedicated to NFT and Sustainability.

Climate change is arguably the most critical global crisis facing humans today. From carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions warming the atmosphere, to rising sea levels and changing weather patterns, it is clear that human industries’ impact on earth is accelerating. While the technology sector is not generally cited as one of the top contributors to climate change, the increasingly widespread manufacturing of devices and related energy consumption has a major impact.

The pandemic’s enforcement of digitization has introduced new ways to create. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one of the use cases to present the art. By providing verifiable digital ownership, the possibilities created by NFTs are endless. NFTs have the merits of being scarce, interoperable, cryptographically-secure, and thereby help asset-owners to earn (by renting, licensing, or earning royalties).

We would like to clarify a big misunderstanding about the ecological impact of NFTs, and what we can do to make it more sustainable.

In the blockchain space, energy consumption has become a point of focus for believers and skeptics alike, particularly as popularity and awareness have increased in the past six months. These debates generally begin with Bitcoin, the first blockchain with the highest market cap and greatest global awareness today.


The event is finished.


Jun 04 2021


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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