Final Showcase – Global Incubator Programme USA at the Urban Future Lab NYU

Join us for the Final Showcase of the Global Incubator Programme US Edition!

The Urban Future Lab at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering is the U.S. landing pad for Innovate UK’s Global Incubator Programme, which is designed to cultivate and support the launch of innovative cleantech companies with a strong potential to scale internationally to new markets. The Global Incubator Programme is a multi-year partnership between Innovate UK and the Urban Future Lab.



Celebrate the culmination of the first year of this multi-year program and hear from the UK-based cleantech businesses in cohort 1. Attendees will hear the participating companies speak about their technologies, what they have learned and accomplished over the program’s six-month intensive market discovery process, and where they’re headed next. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with companies after the pitch event.


Pat Sapinsley, Managing Director of Cleantech Initiatives, Urban Future Lab

Julia Byrd, Program Manager, Global Incubator Programme (US)

David Golding, Head of Global Innovation Partnerships, Innovate UK

Presenting Companies:

Advanced Infrastructure Technology Ltd — Uses algorithmic solutions to analyze real-time hyper-local carbon flows with reduced computing requirements, unlocking low-carbon commercial innovation for corporations, energy suppliers, and others.

C-Probe Systems Ltd — A products and services provider of low-carbon smart technology for the sustainable resilience of reinforced concrete and masonry structures.

Crop Intellect Ltd — An R&D company developing disruptive technologies based on plant-derived chemicals. The results are improvements in yield and quality of the produce and reductions in the environmental burden of agricultural inputs.

Levelise Ltd — An industry-leading virtual power plant technology company for residential energy management and utility savings. They install state-of-the-art li-ion storage systems on properties with solar photovoltaics and smart appliances to generate new revenue streams for homeowners.

Powerline Technologies Ltd — Designs and markets smart grid solutions to Electricity Networks Operators (DNO), and has expertise in machine and deep learning in power engineering applications including fault detection, classification, and location on underground and sub-marine cables.

Senergy Innovations Ltd — Pioneers of advanced polymer solar thermal panels that can be mass manufactured and installed at a 50% lower cost than existing solar thermal panels made from glass, copper, and aluminum.

Urban Electric Networks Ltd — Creating low-impact charging infrastructure needed for the mass adoption of electric vehicles in cities and towns across the world.

The event is finished.


Jul 01 2021


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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