Fintechs & Sustainability: Envisioning Sustainable FinTech Bridges

Virtual Workshop by the foraus Sustainable FinTech project in collaboration with Swissnex and agora

The financial sector is increasingly recognized as a key player in addressing global sustainability objectives, such as the UN 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement. Digital finance innovations, in particular, have shown their potential to facilitate the finance industry’s much-needed transition to more sustainable business models. For instance, FinTech companies and FinTech-powered innovations have helped financial players reallocate capital or unlock new sources of finance to sustainable enterprises (i.e., via innovative sustainable finance instruments), screen investments (e.g. via improved access to sustainability data), and improve accountability in public and private finance.



In this virtual workshop series by the foraus Sustainable FinTech project in collaboration with Swissnex and agora, participants will look at international landscapes of sustainable digital finance and identify possible bridges with the Swiss ecosystem. Our goal is to promote cross-border exchanges in the field of sustainable digital finance.

The workshops will take place using the collaborative online platform Policy Kitchen and give experts, policy-makers and other interested parties the chance to explore the following questions:

How could Sustainable FinTech Bridges help to scale up the quest for sustainability in the real economy globally?

How could Sustainable FinTech Bridges help to address systemic challenges and risks associated with FinTechs & Sustainability?

How could sustainable FinTechs hubs, such as Switzerland, contribute to the governance of the global ecosystem of sustainable digital finance?

The workshops will also include networking sessions, where participants will be able to connect and exchange with others. After the workshops, the participants’ ideas will be collected and worked into a publication in which all contributors will be credited and which will be shared with relevant stakeholders and policymakers.

Can’t make it to this event? You can register for our other workshop on Sustainable FinTech Bridges on Tuesday, July 20 at 7pm CET/10am San Francisco time.


Jul 15 2021


5:00 am - 7:00 am
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