Free Online Mini IT Bootcamp

Free Online Mini IT Bootcamp

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Yes. It’s true.

Clarusway is launching a FREE Mini IT Bootcamp for you- a unique program in its kind! The world is changing and IT has become a crucial need for everyone. We offer this curated course program independent from your background – you can be a complete beginner or an IT professional who wants to build new skills.

You will learn the most essential and fundamental building blocks of IT which include Python, Linux, SQL and Git. It’s all for FREE with LIVE-ONLINE sessions and it’s about to start.

You will get

– 4 different courses,

– 17 class sessions,

– 50+ hours of live instruction

– Experience with modern and fun educational tools and techniques such as Peardeck, Kahoot, Flipgrid.

You will have access to free resources

– Clarusway Learning Management System (LMS),

– Pre-class/post-class learning materials

You will gain

– A Certificate* that includes the skills you’ll gain (Python, Git, etc.) and you can easily share it on LinkedIn or any other social media.

– An important network opportunity with Slack membership to Clarusway Tech Community (1000+ alumni and members).

You will learn

– Python as a programming language- 8 Sessions (24 hours)

– Linux as an operating system – 3 Sessions (9 hours)

– SQL as a database management tool – 3 Sessions (9 hours)

– Git as a version control system- 3 Sessions (9 hours)

You can register for the Mini-Bootcamp or the courses it contains separately and take a big step into the IT field. See you online in live sessions…

* 70% attendance required to get a completion certificate


The event is finished.


Jun 03 2021


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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