Free Trial Beginner’s data structure’s and algorithms course

Beginner’s data structure’s and algorithms course is for people who have just started their journey towards FAANG.



The goal of this track is to help candidates warm up with the basics like complexity theory and various data structures and algorithms and help them solve medium to hard questions easily. The duration of the course is around 2.5 months. We conduct 3 classes per week for 2 hours each.

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1. What should I expect as the end result ?
A. You should be able to code any leet code medium questions in less than 30 minutes and clear any tier-2 interviews.
2. Is it for me ?
A.Strong understanding of data structures and algorithms is needed. We will be essentially be focused on problem solving skills rather than basics.
3. How does this work ?
A. A coach runs the session, typically we will discuss 4 questions per day and code them. 1 person will be chosen from the group to implement the code on a rotation basis, so be ready to code in front of 4-5 people. This will give you valuable coding experience in a semi-stressful situation.

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Aug 04 2021


9:30 pm - 11:30 pm