From Wayback to Way Forward: The Internet Archive turns 25

Journey through time with us, celebrating the builders and dreamers who have reached for the stars, opening up knowledge for all



In 1996, a young computer scientist named Brewster Kahle dreamed of building a Library of Everything on the Internet. He called it the Internet Archive.
This year, the Internet Archive is turning 25.

On October 21, come on a virtual journey with us through time. First, we’ll go way back with Brewster Kahle to the early days of the Internet, when computers promised to put the published works of humankind at our fingertips.
Next author Cory Doctorow takes us way forward to 2046. This science fiction writer conjures the future: how can we overcome the great forces of history to forge a society of pluralism and solidarity?

Then national speech champion Anneteke Adoga shares a Gen Z perspective on Internet culture. In 2046, Anneteke will be 42-years-old. What kind of Internet does Anneteke and her generation want and deserve?

With a special performance by the San Francisco Symphony’s Principal Trumpet, Mark Inouye, in a virtuosic duet of trumpet and the Internet Archive’s grand pipe organ.

Celebrate with us from the comfort of your home. We’ll be zooming in video tributes and highlights from our 25 years. So, join us for From Wayback to Way Forward: The Internet Archive turns 25, a virtual event exploring the promise and the potential of Universal Access to All Knowledge.

The event is finished.


Oct 21 2021


9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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