Future Art | AWE Nite LA July 2021

Meet Los Angeles based artist that are pushing the boundaries of technology to bring their artistic endeavors into new worlds. Learn from our panel of experts about the evolution of theatrical performances in VR, why Virtual Beings are becoming the cast of the future, how AR is making interactive art available everywhere, and the why artists are leveraging Blockchain NFTs to monetize and protect their works. Join us July 12, 2021 6:30pm PST as we explore the exciting world of Future Art!




Meet our panelists:

Dulce E. Baerga – Immers Space

Immers Space seeks to free the Immersive Web from the pitfalls of the social media era by using a decentralized model based on open Web standards such that it cannot be controlled by a tech giant oligopoly, bringing people together across platforms in live shared experiences, and providing content creators an alternative monetization model that respects user privacy.

Deirdre V. Lyons – Ferryman Collective

Virtual Reality Actor, Producer and Dancer.


Clay Weishaar – Wrldspace


Pinguino Kolb – Pinguhaus


Raymond Mosco (Moderator) – Pinscreen, General Immersive

2x Exit industry-recognized entrepreneur at the intersection of emerging technology and immersive storytelling


The event is finished.


Jul 12 2021


9:30 pm - 11:30 pm

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