Future Energy Festival 2021

Energy Futures Lab hosts a showcase of energy research at Imperial College London




Every two years, Energy Futures Lab hosts a public showcase of energy research at Imperial College London. The Future Energy Festival will include online talks, panel discussions and a keynote lecture by Professor Tim Green, Co-Director of Energy Futures Lab.

What’s on:

Wednesday, 24th November

10:00: Tackling industrial emissions: Industry is among the most difficult and expensive sectors to decarbonise. Meet the Imperial researchers who are finding solutions to reduce its carbon footprint.
11:00: Where next for nuclear? Join our panel of nuclear energy experts as they discuss how nuclear technology is evolving to meet the needs of energy systems dominated by renewables.
12:00: Lunchtime lightning talks: Energy researchers from across Imperial College London share their work in a series of lightning talks.
13:00: 3-minute thesis competition: Imperial doctoral students present their research against the clock. Think you could explain your PhD in just three minutes? Sign up here to take on the challenge.
14:00: Designing future energy systems: Achieving Net Zero requires us to rethink how our energy systems work. In this session, we meet the Imperial researchers designing the energy systems of tomorrow.
15:00: Future Energy Festival Keynote Address: Energy Futures Lab Co-Director Professor Tim Green reflects on the changing energy research landscape over the past decade and looks ahead to the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Thursday, 25th November

11:00: Developments in energy storage: Our growing reliance on renewable energy brings with it the need for new forms of energy storage. Meet the Imperial researchers pushing the boundaries to develop new storage technologies.
12:00: The power of sustainable fuels: Join experts from across Imperial for a panel discussion on the critical role of sustainable fuels in the energy transition and the science that’s making them a reality.
13:00: Lunchtime lightning talks: Energy researchers from across Imperial College London share their work in a series of lightning talks.
14:00: Positive action to build an inclusive environment: How can we make the energy sector more equal, diverse and inclusive? Join in our discussion with a panel of energy sector guests.
15:00 Next-generation wind power: Our panel of Imperial experts explore the challenges and opportunities presented by floating offshore wind power and next-generation wind technologies.

The event is finished.


Nov 24 - 25 2021


4:00 am - 12:00 pm

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