Future of Intelligent Buildings from the End Users’ Lens

The CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group and & CIB W098 Commission on Intelligent and Responsive Buildings invite you to their upcoming event.




By CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group & CIB W098 Commission on Intelligent and Responsive Buildings

Speaker: Associate Professor Dr. Amirhosein Ghaffarianhoseini, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Event Chair: Dr Yangang Xing, Nottingham Trent University


What do we really know about the future of our cities or the so-called smart cities? What are the key lessons learnt from the current city-wide challenges at global scales such as the current pandemic? Smart cities are beyond AI, 5G and digital twins. What is the role of intelligent buildings in this context?

There is no doubt our future (intelligent) buildings should be designed, developed and maintained based on highly data-driven platforms in order to become smarter in the sense of being context-aware, adaptable and more responsive. Intelligent buildings were expected to offer a new building design paradigm through embedded intelligence leading to attainment of optimized functions of a building in real time.

This embedded smartness in our future built environments, from city to neighbourhood and building scales, is not primarily restricted to the environmental dimensions anymore as recent literature clearly highlights the transition to user-oriented implementations. This allows the academicians and professionals to draw more attention to the ultimate and ever-changing requirements of end users. Hence, from green and sustainability agendas to digital, smart and health-related visions, the focal point for our future-oriented implementations should be based on user-centred design and technological approaches.

In 2016, we stated that intelligent buildings should be treated as a dynamic and evolutionary entities rather than static and fixed ones. Also, we stressed that intelligent buildings are evolving and will continue to change.

Bio:Amir is an Associate Professor in Architecture & Urban Microclimate and the Director of Postgraduate & Doctoral studies at the School of Future Environments, AUT. He is an architectural designer and an urban thinker with over 12 years of academic and professional experience in New Zealand, Canada and Malaysia. His research primarily concentrates on the future of buildings and urban areas from the lens of sustainable/intelligent/healthy design. He has extensively published in most of the top-ranked journals of his domain with the current total citations of 4000+.

Link: https://academics.aut.ac.nz/amirhosein.ghaffarianhoseini

The event is finished.


Jun 08 2022


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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