Future of Voice Experiences and Commercialization Case Studies

From Smart Speakers to Smart Experience and Lessons Learned From Domino’s Voice Ordering




How did we arrive at voice user interfaces, what can they do best, and how will they evolve? We’ll look at voice as an innovation enabler in this event.

We’ll also get a candid case study on the successful Domino’s voice ordering experience including stories that can help you navigate creating an effective and targeted voice experience for customers.

You’ll learn how even “best practices” have nuance and constraints that need qualification and fit testing.

Event Schedule (EST Time Zone):

11:55 PM Early open for Zoom setup/etc

12:03 PM Bots and AI Kickoff / Speaker Introductions

12:05 PM Hannes Heikenheimo РA CTO’s Perspective: The Future of Voice Technology

12:35 PM Mandi Galluch РFrom Smart Speakers to Smart Experiences: An Inside Look at the Commercialization of Voice

Talk 1

User interfaces have evolved very logically over time, from punch cards to the widespread adoption of touch interaction. With voice positioned to be the next phase of UI evolution, we’ll take an objective look at how we got where we are today and share my perspective on the technological and psychological challenges facing voice technology in the years ahead.

Talk 2

In 2014, there was Siri, Alexa, and Dom, the Virtual Voice Ordering Assistant for Domino’s.

When Mandi left Domino’s four years later, it took both hands to count the number of voice, chat, and multimodal ordering experiences that our team had built. They pushed the boundaries of what was possible and had an incredible repository of data on user behavior across platforms. What did it show? That even back in 2018, what people wanted was not what Big Tech was building.

Mandi will share an insider‚Äôs view of the oftentimes chaotic commercialization of voice technology, thoughts on what made our small, cross-functional team at Domino‚Äôs so effective, what‚Äôs changed in the industry since 2018, and why she’s so excited to be back in Voice after a three-year break.”

The event is finished.


Feb 23 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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