Game Changers lunchtime Technology Talk webinar (innovation in the nuclear industry)

Featuring Unitive’s X-ray imaging system for use in harsh environments & Arktis Radiation Detectors’ fast neutron detection for waste assay



Game Changers Technology Talks are aimed at anyone who is interested in technical innovation in the nuclear industry, learning about cutting-edge research developments and understanding how the Game Changers programme helps solve challenges which can’t be met with off the shelf solutions.

October’s webinar will feature:

Pushing the limits of X-ray detection – Phil Marsden, Unitive Design

Seeing inside pipes and vessels is critical for verification in asset management and at the end of an asset’s life for safe and effective decommissioning. The Unitive team have applied their deep knowledge of X-ray systems and state-of-the-art detectors to push liquor and solid detection to its limit. Detecting and quantifying low-Z materials in high radiation flux environments through an inch of stainless steel is challenging, but possible.

In this talk, Phil will present the challenges, the technology and the solutions for the lowest limit of detection. He will also discuss the flexibility of the system and how it can be deployed on a range of gantries, rails and (potentially) autonomous vehicles.

A next generation waste drum assay system – Ulisse Gendotti and Paolo Tancioni, Arktis Radiation Detectors Ltd

There are a wide range of waste packages containing a variety of materials on the Sellafield site which must be assayed to help determine the most appropriate and cost-effective waste disposal routes. Optimized waste management is central to the Sellafield decommissioning mission and in this talk, Ulisse and Paolo will present an innovative neutron waste assay system with inherent cost, weight and performance advantages over existing neutron detection systems.

The Waste Assay Neutron Detection System (WANDS) relies on pressurized helium-4 gas scintillation. WANDS can detect fission neutrons without the need for any bulky moderation assembly while performing energy discrimination during a pulsed neutron interrogation. This system can quantify fissile radionuclides below the Intermediate Level Waste/Low Level Waste threshold, avoiding the over-classification of waste.

The sensitivity and portability of WANDS represents a significant improvement with respect to existing helium-3 based neutron detection technologies.

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Oct 06 2021


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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