gBETA Medtech Black Founder Accelerator Fall 2021 Cohort



The Fall 2021 gBETA Medtech cohort is making history! It is the first gBETA Medtech program specifically for Black founders, and it is the first gBETA Medtech cohort to receive $34,000 in grant funding.

The five startups presenting are creating everything from digital health platforms that provide culturally relevant value-based care to Black and Brown maternal patients in underserved communities to medical devices that use infrared light to promote rapid wound healing.

Bold Health delivers virtual-first integrative care to the 250M people in the US who suffer from Gastrointestinal (GI) conditions and account for an annual claims spend of $136B. Bold Health’s virtual therapeutic care platform offers access to a multidisciplinary team of GI care providers and disease specific digital therapeutic programs. Since launching in 2018, Bold Health completed a clinical study with the University of Pennsylvania and is CE Mark and MHRA certified. Bold Health is currently finalizing a paid US pilot and has five US pilots scheduled for Q1 2022.

TruDiary provides culturally relevant value-based care to Black and Brown maternal patients in underserved communities. TruDiary’s digital health platform eliminates barriers to quality prenatal care by connecting patients to the right doctor, offering inclusive educational content and providing social determinants of health (SDOH) services such as food, transportation, housing and mental health. TruDiary is piloting its solution in Community Health Care Systems’ locations in South Georgia, secured a partnership with Open Hands Atlanta to provide food insecure services to maternal patients in the state of Georgia and is finalizing a pilot with a regional payer scheduled for Q1 2022.

​​bTECH’s disruptive wound care technology prevents lower extremity amputations from chronic non-healing wounds. bTECH’s patent-pending Halcyon SMART Patch (HSP) uses far infrared wavelengths beneath the surface of the skin to promote rapid tissue healing and strengthening. bTECH has developed a preliminary prototype and has recently been invited to submit an SBIR application to the National Science Foundation Medical Device division.

The event is finished.


Dec 14 2021


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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