Geospatial Technology Applications for Business

A panel-style learning event about geospatial technology applications in business. Facilitated by TECTERRA.



As location-based data continues to be incorporated across more sectors and industries, it’s becoming clear that geospatial technologies are a key innovation for many businesses to leverage. Join AWE in hosting Jonathan Neufeld, CEO of TECTERRA and three leaders in the Alberta technology ecosystem for an insightful panel-based session about geospatial technology. The themes for discussion will span from defining what geospatial technology is, how location data solves real-world problems in everyday society, and the significant role it plays in how businesses are adapting in 2021.

The panel session will conclude with more information about TECTERRA and how their organization can support businesses using geospatial technology to create innovation projects across the Alberta landscape.

Key Learning Takeaways:

• Understand what geospatial technology is and how businesses within Alberta are using geospatial technology to advance their projects and ventures

• Why geospatial technology is key to the technological revolution being experienced in 2021 and within the next 3-5 years

• What key trends are emerging within the geospatial technology landscape and how they are impacting businesses that are not traditionally technology companies


Ellen Christopherson – CEO, clearGRID

Jill Viccars – CEO , DRIFT

Rachel Ruff – VP of Finance, Pegasus Imagery

The event is finished.


Sep 28 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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