Global Britain after the Integrated Review (how the UK will develop its defence and security activities over the period to 2030 – stresses on science & technology)

Session 2: Capabilities above the threshold – warfighting in this decade and the next
Session 3: Meeting the challenges below the threshold

The Cityforum Intelligent Defence and Smart Power project looks at how the United Kingdom will develop its defence and security activities over the period to 2030 in the light of the 2021 National Strategy and Defence Review, the principal components of which are the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy, the Defence Command Paper ‘Defence in a Competitive Age’ and the Defence and Security Industrial Strategy.



Session Two in this series is an assessment of capabilities needed above the threshold of armed conflict and of the contribution the United Kingdom will be able to make to safety and security both at home and overseas. The stress on science and technology in warfare that is central to the 2021 reviews is subject to serious discussion. The question of mass, in the light of the proposed reduction in numbers of the British Army and of the flying strength of the RAF, is the subject of particular debate. The reductions that are proposed could lead to stress and overstretch with potentially serious consequences and could well encourage our opponents to use attrition as the basis for what they do. Nuclear remains a central feature of the UK defence posture and deterrence requires strength below the nuclear threshold. The reduction in mass could affect credibility in this regard.

Session Three takes further the examination of challenges below the threshold that were a significant feature of the 2020 Cityforum Intelligent Defence and Smart Power programme. An excellent panel looks at the challenges we face in the light of how our rivals think about the world and the agenda looks at how we might develop our responses in collaboration with our alliance partners and other friends.

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Jul 20 2021


9:00 am - 11:00 am
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