Google BigQuery 101 Workshop

BigQuery is one of the most used tools at Wizeline Data Practice. In this workshop you will become a data practitioner at your own project

Google BigQuery is one of the most commonly used tools on Wizeline’s data team. It allows you to query huge amounts of data at blazing fast speeds. It’s a good solution for big data processing pipelines and data warehousing when used in the right way.

This course will cover the basics and get you comfortable with concepts and tools to become a data practitioner. You’ll also get the chance to work in a real environment and solve common use case scenarios.

NOTE: This class is geared towards beginners and newcomers on the GCP platform. You are required to have basic SQL knowledge.


BigQuery Concepts: Identify key concepts used in BigQuery and, get up to speed with the tools to interact with the service.

Loading Data: Creating jobs for batch and streaming inserts, external resources, and other BigQuery integrations.

Explore your data: Start querying your data: SQL basics and how to materialize your results.

Optimizations: Deep dive: Understand how BigQuery works and how to optimize your queries to reduce costs.


Google Cloud Platform project with access for all students.

The guided demo is designed for students to follow using their own GCP console this requires access to a Google Cloud Project on which students have access to BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage Services.


The event is finished.


Jun 01 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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