Green on Green Technology: Weed-AI Webinar – An Introduction to Weed-AI (University of Sydney)

In this two part webinar, learn about green-on-green technology and how you can contribute to the technology through Weed-AI.



As green-on-green technology advances, it’s becoming clear that the availability annotated images of weeds in relevant and diverse crop scenarios is a bottleneck. Weed-AI was developed the University of Sydney Precision Weed Control Lab with support from the Sydney Informatics Hub with the aim of allowing anyone to collect, contribute and use weed image data. For more detail check out the Weed-AI website. This series of webinars aims to explore the technology, reason for Weed-AI and how you can contribute to this technology, delivered by Guy Coleman from the University of Sydney.

The webinar is split into two separate parts spaced one week apart. This will give you the opportunity to collect your own images and annotate them before going through the Weed-AI upload process. Places in each webinar are limited to 15, so two separate streams have been scheduled to spread demand. Attendance is entirely free.

The event is finished.


Aug 25 2021


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm