Green Software Foundation – North Global Summit 2022

Join us online for the Green Software Foundation Global Summit virtual event hosted by Thoughtworks.



The Green Software Foundation (GSF)¬†is a non-profit foundation with currently 28 member organizations and almost 600 individuals aiming to build a trusted ecosystem of people, standards, tooling and best practices for Green Software. The GSF is ensuring software as part of the climate solution, not the climate problem. The Foundation’s mission is to reduce the total change in global carbon emissions associated with software.

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This summit is a global event with regional interactive experiences to provide educational content and networking opportunities for participants who are interested in green tech, gaining valuable insights, meeting like minded community members or are looking to be more sustainable in their work.

We will be joined by well known speaker¬†Gerry McGovern¬†from Dublin who will be presenting and answering questions on ‚ÄėDealing with the data crisis‚Äô. Here is a taste of what he will be speaking about:

‚ÄėWe have produced more data in the last two years than in all history. We took more photos in 2020 (1.4 trillion) than in the entire 20th Century. We send 300 billion emails a day. Only 5% of organizational data is reused three months after it is first created.

Just one of the 15 billion smartphones we have made since 2007 = 60 kg of CO2 to manufacture. A laptop = 300 kg of CO2 to manufacture. E-waste is the world’s fastest growing waste stream and represents 70% of toxicity in landfills and dumps. Much of it is exported where it is poisoning an estimated 18 million children and 13 million women.

As designers, developers, and technologists, we have great challenges in front of us. We must move from short term thinking meeting superficial wants to long term thinking solving deep needs. We must design things that last much longer, that are modular, interoperable and reusable, that are easy to maintain and disassemble. We must create designs that use the least energy and the least data possible.’

Join us for engaging discussions around green software principles, ways to measure a piece of software’s carbon footprint, and to learn more about sustainability for developers, designers, and technologists.

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Jun 09 2022


7:30 am - 8:30 am

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