Guest talk by Alex Makulilo: Regulating Privacy in Contact Tracing Apps (Open University of Tanzania)

Guest talk with Prof. Alex Makulilo (Open University of Tanzania) on Africa’s response to Covid19 & privacy regulation in contact tracing



As a way of containing the spread of coronavirus, governments around the world adopted digital apps for contact tracing. Despite the global digital divide, which means the difference in access to computers and the Internet across countries, Africa was not left behind. Some African jurisdictions adopted digital apps to monitor the status and movement of individuals during the pandemic. While there are debates questioning the effectiveness and efficiency of such tools, the exchange of personal data processed through contact tracing apps has raised privacy concerns against potential mass surveillance. Prof. Dr. Alex B. Makulilo will speak about Africa’s response to Covid-19, focusing on privacy regulation in digital contact tracing apps.

Alex B. Makulilo is a Full Professor of law and technology at the Open University of Tanzania. His research has a special focus on the regulation of data privacy, cyber security, internet governance, intellectual property in the digital environment, and legal aspects of digitalization and innovation. Makulilo has received several recognitions for his research career, including the honorary title of Research Ambassador of the University of Bremen and the Georg Forster Research Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt given to international researchers for their outstanding research record. Currently, Prof. Makulilo is working with Prof. Dr. Benedikt Buchner in a joint research ‚ÄúBig Data in Medicine‚ÄĚ, focusing mainly on the electronic health card and the connected challenges concerning the data protection laws in Germany and Tanzania. This research aims to foster long-term research cooperation between the University of Bremen and the Open University of Tanzania.

The talk will be 30-40 minutes in which he will give an overview of his research, followed by 20-30 minutes of discussion.

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Apr 28 2022


9:00 am - 10:00 am