[Guided Tour & Treasure hunt] Apollo 11 Moon Museum in WebXR

This is a guided tour of a WebXR Apollo 11 social learning game developed during the Activating Smithsonian Open Access program.




Join us for a 30-min tour of the Apollo 11 Moon Museum and play a treasure hunt game with the ScienceVR team. This is a web browser game. We recommend using a desktop web browser (e.g., Chrome) for the best experience. You will join as an avatar in a WebXR room (no VR headset, no video camera needed). You can enable your mic and unmute yourself to talk to other players.
Apollo 11 Moon Museum is an interactive social learning game for classrooms (age 11+) and families created based on digital artifacts from the Smithsonian Open Access. This prototype was developed by ScienceVR during the Activating Smithsonian Open Access program.

Please RSVP to get a ticket.

Our event space is at https://asoa.sciencevr.com

The event is finished.


Sep 18 2021


1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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