Hackathon: Frugal biofoundries implementation (understanding critical needs and bottlenecks in biotechnology across the globe)

Bioenthusiasts worldwide, unite!




Friendzymes wants to solve the problem of access to the means of biotechnological production – on a global scale.

We’re calling bioenthusiasts from around the world to take the first step: to research and understand critical needs and bottlenecks in biotechnology across the globe. How can a biofoundry, made of cost-effective and ingenious solutions, help tackle these bottlenecks?

In this hackathon, organized in partnership with Just One Giant Lab (JOGL), each team will represent their country, region or community and will be in charge of developing a proposal plan for the implementation of a local frugal biofoundry. Each proposal might have a specific purpose, which can range from the production of important enzymes for laboratory work to the production of a specific drug, such as insulin. With the insight of various communities and skillsets from around the world, we can make this a reality.

To apply, join as a pre-formed team (with a maximum of 10 people) or individually (we’ll match you). In this event you will discuss and create solutions towards a faster and more inclusive biodemocratization.

We will share the resources and partnerships that we have encountered on our journey and disseminate them through talks, videos and documentation. Please use them as inspiration for your own solutions.

The hackathon will occur during the weekend of October 2nd to 3rd.

Some sessions will take place in the upcoming days [from September 27 to October 1] to introduce various partners and inspiring individuals with wisdom to impart.

To learn more, please join us on the JOGL where the Hackathon will be taking place:

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at friendzymes@gmail.com

The event is finished.


Oct 02 - 03 2021


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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