Hackbright Academy: How I Got My Job as a Software Engineering Panel

Join Hackbright, the Software Engineering School for Gender Equality, for a panel discussion with grads on how they landed their tech job.




Hackbright is a community of women and people who are gender diverse aiming to #ChangeTheRatio in the tech industry. Individuals from different nationalities, careers, and backgrounds are all welcome to join us at Hackbright Academy to hear inspiring stories from Hackbrighters who are successfully working as software engineers. RSVP by registering for the free event today before the tickets are all gone.

How Attending This Event Could Benefit You

This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Hackbright experience and gain industry insight for a career transition, whether you are a prospective student, a recent grad, or an interested community member.

What We Have Lined Up for the Panel

Navigating the software space as an engineer

Hearing from Hackbright graduates about what their career transition was like

Learning how the Hackbright curriculum prepared graduates for their new roles as software engineers

Gaining knowledge on what the interview process consists of and some of the best and worst practices to land your first role  

Meet the Panelists

Maxine Liu is a Software Engineer at Afterpay. She got her degree in Economics from Berkeley and started her career as an investment banker in NYC. She then followed her interest in sustainability and worked as a project manager at a solar energy company. She subsequently pivoted to data science / machine learning in grad school and became a data scientist prior to moving to software development.

Cassandra Sutton¬†is a Senior Software Engineer at WePay-a JP Morgan Chase Company. She graduated from Hackbright in July of 2020, joining WePay’s inaugural apprenticeship program, and accepting a SWE position immediately after. Her previous experience in public relations, account management, strategy building, communications, and editing have been assets in software engineering, and she loves being one tiny part of a field that will design, influence, and implement the changing ways we live in and interact with our world. Her interests include traveling, tennis, epic fantasy, cooking, and helping Hackbright alums get their first jobs!

Kritika Dusad is a Software Engineer at Mozart Data. She was one of the first backend engineers to join the team. And after more than a year there, she still loves building the product and growing as an engineer. Before Mozart Data, Kritika was a contract Python developer at Apple, building data pipelines for machine learning engineers. Kritika has a background in Biochemistry but decided to switch fields so that she could have a more immediate impact through her work. In her spare time, Kritika enjoys reading and hiking with her husband and puppy.

We’ll See You There

The event is finished.


Mar 03 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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