Hackbright Academy Virtual Open House (the software engineering school for gender equality)

Hackbright Academy, the software engineering school for gender equality, is hosting a virtual open house.




Have a question about Hackbright Academy? Join us for a Q&A! We’ll cover what to expect at our software engineering bootcamp, how to prepare, and what the future looks like for women and people who are gender diverse in tech.

1,000+ students have done it. You can too!

Ready to learn more? Get to know us before the event:


PREP Course: Our 5-week, evening-and-weekend Prep course is perfect for those who want a taste of what life as a coder is like before committing to the Software Engineering program. Prep teaches you the foundations of programming and prepares you for the bootcamp application process. It also offers plenty of flexibility, so you can continue working at your full-time job while attending.

Full-Time or Part-Time Software Engineering Program: In this 12 to 26-week course, you will learn the fundamentals of computer science in addition to modern web development. One of the most in-demand languages to learn in the industry is Python ‚Äď the core language of our curriculum. Python is a versatile, general-purpose programming language used for both desktop and online software/website applications. Companies that use Python include Google, Yelp and Dropbox (to name a few).

Our Tech Stack: In addition to Python, we teach various complementary coding modules to ensure all graduates learn a full-stack for development and can successfully enter the tech ecosystem at tech giants or startups alike.

Financing Your Future & Coding Scholarships


We’re proudly the leading engineering school for women and people who are gender diverse, with 1,000+ graduates at tech companies that include Google, Dropbox, and Airbnb. We were founded with the mission to provide women with a personalized path to a software engineering career.

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Jan 04 2022


9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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