HardwareCon 2021

HardwareCon is the premier Silicon Valley hardware innovation conference.

HardwareCon is the premier Bay Area hardware innovation conference that brings together global thought leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, disruptors and industry leaders in the hardware ecosystem for one day of content, networking, and deal-making. This year we’re going global and virtual, bringing together our friends and partners through our Hardware Massive community and expect over 1,000 attendees. Join us to connect with the latest in hardware innovation, pitch to our investors, and access the cutting edge services that make Silicon Valley startups some of the most successful in the world.

Why Attend HardwareCon?

This is your opportunity to learn about the latest technology and business trends in AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, IoT, Blockchain, Product Design and more. You’ll get the chance to meet the innovative hardware companies, disruptors, investors, and decision-makers from the leading hardware and software companies like Intel, Xilinx, Autodesk, SAP, IBM, Dragon Innovation and other services and platform providers who are helping to build innovative hardware companies and disruptive technologies.

By attending HardwareCon you can expect to walk away with:

1) RESOURCES: Whether you are a bootstrapped or Series A funded startup, you will walk away with actionable information from industry peers and thought leaders and learn about new resources to help your hardware company with product development, funding, manufacturing, launching and scaling.

2)TRENDS & INSIGHTS: To succeed in the innovation business you have to be on the cutting edge. Our keynote speakers and panelists will share their insights into the latest trends and technologies so you can keep up with the ever changing markets and stay one step ahead.

3) OPTIMIZED NETWORKING: Attending HardwareCon is all about connecting you with the right people who can elevate your company. Use our proprietary platform search and connect with hardware innovators, industry leaders, investors and service providers to directly schedule face-to-face meetings at the conference.

4) DEAL FLOW: It takes more than a solid founding team to launch and scale a hardware business. You need access to resources & service providers that are the best fit to help execute and scale your innovation quickly. HardwareCon allows you to interact with global hardware ecosystem leaders to develop key partnerships and get deals done.



The event is finished.


Jun 08 2021


1:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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