Have your say on UK data reform and help the GMCA respond too

Developing responses to the UK government’s data reform consultation




On the 10 September 2021, the UK government opened the Data: A New Direction consultation.
The 144-page document asks 180 questions that will inform the government as it sets out to reform the UK’s data practices, along with any underlying legislation that will enable it.

The consultation is ‘pro-growth’, with discussions focussed on streamlining processes and addressing inhibitors to innovation, balanced by safeguarding personal data and minimising harms.

The consultation asks contributors to say to what extent they believe these many changes should be made and what mechanisms would need to be in place to make them happen.

This is a far-reaching consultation – its length and breadth is intimidating, even to those who work in data – so we’re inviting people to a series of workshops where we’ll work together to understand its contents.

Through the events, people will get to grips with the consultation process and should then feel confident to respond themselves. It will also be used to inform a Greater Manchester response to the consultation being co-ordinated by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

The event is finished.


Nov 01 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm