HBO MAX Talks: Engineered in Europe

Hi! This is an engineering event for anyone who wants to hear the journey of a streaming service that has 70+ million users and growing!



Come along to this engineering event that is focused on the work our Software Engineering teams have done here in Europe to build HBO Max into a service that is currently used by over 70 MILLION people across the globe!
At this very moment our teams are building, shipping and owning the code that is driving our latest European launches and (like our content) we want to share that journey with everyone! You will hear about some of the exciting technical challenges we are facing. When you pick up your TV remote/tablet/smartphone (or any other connected device) to stream the content you want, wouldn’t you like to know how that technology was built? Why was it built that exact way? Who is responsible for your customer experience and how are we using the data to drive those decisions?
There will be three talks over the course of the evening, covering separate topics related to what the Amsterdam, Budapest, Stockholm, Madrid & London offices are building. We will also have some small competitions where we will be giving away a range of connected living room devices!!
Your host – Noreli Garcia Valentin (she/her/Latinx)
This event will begin at 18:30 with Introductions and our first Quiz (Google Chromecast, Amazon Firestick + more to be won)

The agenda will then include:

Talk 1 with Q&A
What is HBO Max? – Angela Foell
How has HBO Max been made for scale, complexity and resilience?

Talk 2 with Q&A
Connected TV’s; behind the scenes – Bart van de Ende / Victor Nascimento

Talk 3 with Q&A
Driving the data of 70+ million users – Csaba Gecse

The event is finished.


Nov 09 2021


12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

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