HBR Live Webinar: Glass Half-Broken – Shattering the Barriers that Still Hold Women Back at Work




with Colleen Ammerman

“Ammerman offers solutions to not only cracking the glass ceiling that holds women hostage to unfair hiring practices, but also to shattering it altogether.” – Psychology Today

Women have made up roughly half of the college-educated workforce for years – and yet women remain dramatically underrepresented in positions of power and status. Progress, as measured by rates of women’s employment, earnings, and the types of fields and jobs they work in, has stalled.

This is partly because the underlying causes are often misunderstood. We fall into the trap of believing gender gaps reflect individual merit – that women just need to lean in, stop apologizing, do power poses, and delegate more. But this way of thinking completely neglects the pervasive – and still deeply misunderstood – organizational obstacles and managerial actions that create gender imbalance.

On 14 June, Colleen Ammerman, Director of the Harvard Business School Gender Initiative, will join us to present key findings from the latest research in psychology, sociology, and economics, from her new book with Boris Groysberg, Glass Half-Broken. She shows that that along their entire career path—from entry level, right through to senior-level positions—women get pushed out of the leadership pipeline and, at each point, for different reasons.

Presenting institutional and managerial strategies to overcome these barriers, Colleen will provide insights that will help us, as leaders and managers, finally understand – and shatter – the glass ceiling.

Colleen Ammerman is Director of the Harvard Business School Gender Initiative, which catalyzes and translates cutting-edge research to transform practice, enable leaders to drive change, and advance equality in business and society. She has authored teaching materials on gender and work and is a researcher with Life and Leadership After HBS, a longitudinal study of the lives and careers of Harvard Business School alumni.

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Jun 14 2021


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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