Hello From the Year 2050: A hopeful future for the planet

A fireside chat from the frontiers of deep tech, with Cicada and X, The Moonshot Factory




Join us for a very special conversation between Sally-Ann Williams, Cicada Innovations and Courtney Hohne, Chief Storyteller for X: The Moonshot Factory (the radical innovation lab at Google parent company Alphabet), as we discuss the many ‘moonshots’ we’ll need to take together to combat the effects of climate change.

To tackle the seemingly impossible challenge of climate change we must learn to balance optimism and hope that we can make transformational change, while remaining clear-eyed and intellectually honest that there will be setbacks, curveballs, and outright failures along the way. We must accept that innovation is always messy and non-linear. We have to fight the urge to stick with “good enough and incremental” and have the courage to walk away and make room for “bolder and 10X better.”

Come along to hear Sally-Ann and Courtney share advice and stories about how past and present entrepreneurs at Cicada and X live in these tensions, because it’s never obvious or easy.

Courtney has spent over a decade telling the stories of some of X’s most iconic moonshots like self-driving cars, delivery drones, and Internet-beaming balloons, and explaining what the heck a moonshot factory is. Along the way, she’s coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and engineers and is one of the architects of X’s unique culture of radical creativity. She understands the habits and mindsets needed for the mission of long-term, high-risk innovation.
Now her passion is to share these mindsets with people like you so you can apply them to the huge problems in the world you’re most passionate about.

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Oct 26 2021


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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