HIRE SMARTER Summit: Using The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment tool to Ensure Ideal Job Fit

Join the roundtable to discuss the current state of hiring and how to leverage behavioral profiles to make better hiring decisions.




Employers are facing never before encountered difficulties with hiring and retaining top talent. Today’s hiring managers are challenged more than ever to find the right people for the right seat and the cost to U.S. companies is staggering.

Sponsored in part by The Jacobson Leadership Academy, a leading Executive Coaching Company, join other HR Professionals on June 8th for a HIRE SMARTER Summit roundtable discussion to share ideas and best practices and to gain insights on ways to ‚Äėhire smarter‚Äô.

In addition to learning from your peers, attendees will also discover how The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment tool can make hiring the right people for a job a whole lot easier. Using psychometric ‚Äėpeople data‚Äô, PI helps hiring managers to find the ideal candidate for a role based on behavioral drives and cognitive aptitude.

Registration is free and is limited in the number of participants for a quality and interactive experience.

We hope you’ll join us both to share and to learn more.


The Jacobson Leadership Academy is a Professional Development firm based in Tucson AZ offering Executive Coaching and Leadership Training services. Also a Predictive Index Certified Parner, they serve organizations throughout the United States. Connect here, https://www.linkedin.com/company/jacobson-coaching-group

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Jun 08 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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