Holition Talks: The Future of Social Commerce

Hear from industry leaders in the world of social media, content, fashion, and beauty at Holition Talks: The Future of Social Commerce




Instagram @shop. Facebook Marketplace. #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. Livestream shopping by appointment. These are only a fraction of the recent developments by social media companies that signal social commerce is a serious business.

Gen Z, the first fully digital generation, is expecting it too. Today’s youth has moved from e-commerce to social commerce — the practice of purchasing wholly within a social media app. It makes sense: the algorithm can learn their preferences to suggest relevant recommendations, provide a better experience and reduce the friction between purchase desire and checkout.

Join us for Holition Talks: Spotlight on Social Commerce, where we’ll hear from industry leaders in the world of social media, content, fashion and beauty about the power of social platforms to influence purchase, act as a store front and foster brand loyalty. We’ll also discuss the shopping behaviours of Gen Z, as well as the new social platforms on the block and their opportunities for brands – from Clubhouse to OnlyFans.

Who’s this event for?

Marketers and brand directors from the fashion, beauty, retail and luxury industries. Anyone who is interested in fashion innovation, consumer behaviour and emerging technologies.

To know more about Holition, visit: https://holition.com

To know more about INTERLACED, visit: https://www.interlaced.co/

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Oct 07 2021


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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