How schools can use VR to provide better outcomes for children

Antser have developed the world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) experience for Children’s Services. The VR programme was originally designed by adopters, social workers, children in care and psychologists, with the sole purpose of changing the lives of families affected by the care system.

The Immersive story telling VR programme is now used within 45% of local authorities across the UK, as well as increasing numbers of partners in countries across the world.

It is now time for schools to fully realise the tremendous possibilities offered through this innovative technology, and this webinar will show you how!



Put simply we want to introduce the power of VR to increasing numbers of Schools in the UK. We will use this webinar to introduce the programme to you, providing evidenced outcomes to date. You will also have the opportunity to see some of the films themselves, answering any of your questions at the end of our time together.

Using 360-degree immersive films and Virtual Reality headsets, the programme enables the viewer to experience life from the perspective of the child. It’s a unique approach offering a way to understand the impact of attachment and trauma, through the eyes of a child.

Why Virtual Reality?

Our Virtual Reality programme is a technology enabled behaviour change tool, designed to support the team around a child or young person in understanding emotions, trauma and potential triggers, so that they can support, care and guide them effectively.

Born out of first-hand experience of the social care system, this powerful approach quickly and effectively delivers the knowledge, understanding and empathy that can otherwise take years to develop.

Virtual Reality leads to accelerated learning.

Our 2020 findings show that VR learners are :

✔️4x faster

✔️4x more emotionally connected

✔️4x more focused

✔️AND 40% more confident

**We encourage the use of headphones during our sessions to increase your immersion in our VR story telling films.**

What will the webinar cover?

What the Antser VR programme consists of, how it came into being and why.

How the VR Programme can improve outcomes for children and young people, both in care and on the edge of care.

What the films contain and how they can be used.

What will I learn from attending the webinar?

Why we are using VR in supporting improving outcomes for all of our children.

What the library contains.

How attendees can learn more and have a full demonstration of the platform capability.

Top 3 takeaways:

I understand more about why VR and how it could bring about the development of empathy and behaviour change.

I have heard how the VR is being used in other Local Authorities.

I have seen some of the films and can now begin to think how we might use the programme in our own situation.

The event is finished.


Jul 14 2021


11:30 am - 12:30 pm

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